Design Harmony is Paramount

There is no one word to describe the architecture of the homes in Wilden. The design has a timeless yet innovative quality, with Craftsman-style touches and an alpine influence that is most often described as very inviting.

Such visionary development did not happen by chance. Building guidelines for the 2,000-acre hillside community have been in place since day one. These guidelines are not intended to over-regulate builders and create cookie-cutter homes. In fact, individuality is encouraged in Wilden. The guidelines simply add a sense of harmony to the community and help protect the investment of homeowners.

Protecting the Buyers Investment
“In comparison, many other neighbourhoods in the Okanagan are a mish-mash of architectural styles because developers compromised their guidelines during the Real Estate crisis to keep customers happy and not lose sales. This was short-term thinking. Ultimately, it decreases the value of the homes as people also want the surrounding community to be beautiful,” explains designer Chris Robinson, who has been instrumental in shaping the building guidelines for Wilden.

In Wilden, you get the feeling every street and every corner has been there for a long time; that the community has grown organically over time. In actuality, Wilden is the largest master-planned community between Vancouver and Calgary and you can sense that there is no rush in developing.

Balancing Consistency and Innovation
Design Review Consultant Chris Robinson, describes the three main criteria that help shape the Wilden style: “The biggest visual impact is the roof, and the pitch is critical. In most neighbourhoods we encourage a minimum pitch of 8/12 and overhangs of 24 inches. Of course there is always a big range of possibilities. If you reduce the pitch we ask you to give it more overhang. Secondly, inviting porches and front doors should dominate the front facade of the home instead of garage doors. The third component relates to materials. We promote a minimum of three different wall treatments, especially natural elements such as wood and stone.”

Wilden guidelines allow for a wide range of interpretation and customization. They also extend to the landscaping to maintain the community’s unique nature inspired living. The end result is a well built, visually appealing, sought-after home that will hold its resale value.