Family Owned & Operated

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Dave Chatham

Ever since high school founder Dave Chatham has been in different trades in the building industry. Today, with his son Mike by his side, he forms the dynamic duo that runs Chatham Homes. 

Dave’s passion for carpentry sparked early in his life. While working for multiple companies he figured out he’d like to be a builder himself. His first project as a contractor was converting a museum into a medical center in Midway, BC. Eventually Dave started building spec homes in Kelowna. Soon people approached him asking for custom builds. He shares “one thing simply led to the other. It was never all planned out.”

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Mike Chatham

Mike grew up curiously following his dad’s footsteps. He first went into the electrical field and worked as a journeyman electrician. One day it dawned on him that his dad’s company could really use his skills. The rest is history.

A cool fact about Dave and Mike is that both can actually operate excavators and heavy machinery. They have the knowledge and skills to build a house from the ground up themselves. Both laughingly say: “We are contractors but if needed we can also do the physical work.”

It was always a dream of the Chathams to be a Wilden Select Builder. When in 2014 another builder left and a spot opened up they happily applied. Today Chatham  builds in Wilden exclusively. They make your home building journey feel very intimate and thoroughly cared for. 

If you’re curious to see and hear more about Chatham Homes’ dedication to residential construction, pop into their Showhome at 1454 Rocky Point Drive and schedule an appointment with Mike Chatham to look into all the possibilities. 


Building with Integrity 

Integrity is one of Chatham Homes’ biggest promises. A huge part of it is transparency and open book communication, so you understand exactly how your budget is invested. 

Mike emphasizes that he deeply believes in the long-term value of the product Chatham and Wilden offer together. With the other three builders they have cultivated a healthy competition. But there is also a lot of cooperation to help each other out, share equipment and make sure resources are used efficiently. 

If you’re not sure where to start your homebuilding process, Mike says “call me, email me; I’ll never charge you for a conversation.” As your first point of contact, Mike will guide your first steps, including lot selection, design, finishes, and budgeting. Together with Dave he plans out all the details. Dave takes it from there and manages the construction.

Watch the interview with Dave and Mike below. We feel fortunate to have this highly driven duo in our Select Builders team. 

Explore more about Chatham Homes on the Hill and their Wilden Showhome at 1458 Rocky Point Drive, Kelowna BC here.

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