Up to 50% More Energy Efficient,
Over 65% Less Carbon Emissions*
Than the Average New Home

* when using conventional natural gas. Close to zero emissions when using Renewable Natural Gas. 

Wilden is determined to make climate-friendly living the new norm and is leading the way by building homes that optimize energy efficiency and minimize carbon emissions.

It was the knowledge gained from the Wilden Living Lab that has enabled us to design and build homes that use approximately 50% less energy for heating, cooling and hot water, which sets our new townhomes apart from any other strata development in Kelowna.

Even if you prefer to use 100% regular natural gas after the one-year period in which Wilden pays for your RNG premium, you will still minimize your carbon footprint to approximately 35% of the average new home due to the energy-saving initiatives we’ve built into the Lost Creek Point townhomes.

For more info and an in-depth explanation please view our video.

Energy-saving initiatives include:

  • Superior exterior wall insulation and exceptional air tightness
  • BOSCH Air Source Heat Pump:
  • uses outside temperature as the base energy source
  • keeps additional energy demand at a minimum
  • continuously adjusts to meet demand and minimize operating cost
  • learns your preferences to keep room temperature consistent
  • extremely compact, discreet and quiet, installed outside of the building
  • Tankless, condensing hot water heater quickly heats the water on demand
  • Only the water needed is heated (no tank!)
  • High-efficiency gas as a back-up source for heating (carbon-neutral RNG for 1 year)
  • Passive space heating in winter thanks to windows with solar gain function
  • Passive space cooling in summer thanks to large overhangs providing shade
  • Wall/window ratio ideal for temperature management
  • Heat recovery ventilator
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Carbon Neutral Gas

Minimize greenhouse gas emissions with local Renewable Natural Gas by FortisBC, at no additional cost for one year!

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