Using Carbon-Neutral, Local
Renewable Natural Gas, Provided by FortisBC

FortisBC and Wilden will sign you up for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for a full year at no additional cost.
Farms, landfills and other local suppliers capture methane from decomposing organic waste and purify it to make RNG. It is carbon neutral and climate-friendly.

FortisBC currently operates a biogas upgrading plant at the Glenmore Landfill in Kelowna. The plant produced approximately 45,000 gigajoules of Renewable Natural Gas in the first full year of operation, which is enough to heat more than 500 homes. Over the project life, this annual amount is expected to double.


Wilden will pay for your FortisBC RNG premium so you can run your home almost carbon-neutral for one year. The carbon footprint of your home will be reduced to hydro-electricity, which emits an average of only 0.1 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year per home.

Once the year is up, you can choose to exclusively use this renewable energy source at a low additional cost, reduce the amount of RNG usage, or simply opt for regular natural gas. Even if you prefer to use 100% natural gas, you will still minimize your carbon footprint to over 30% of the average new home due to the energy-saving initiatives we’ve built into the Lost Creek Point townhomes.

Renewable Natural Gas has the same properties as conventional natural gas. There is no need to upgrade appliances or do anything differently when switching from one to the other or changing the blend.

Find more information on FortisBC RNG.

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