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Join us in Celebrating Kirsten Brown!

The Canadian Home Builder’s Association Central Okanagan (CHBA-CO) stands as a vital force within the residential construction landscape, serving as the authoritative voice for the industry in the Central Okanagan region. As a local chapter affiliated with the national Canadian Home Builders’ Association, CHBA-CO operates as a non-profit organization governed by an elected Board of Directors and driven by a passionate volunteer executive, complemented by dedicated professional staff.

CHBA-CO plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration between local builders and industry experts, ensuring that the concerns and perspectives of the residential construction sector are effectively communicated at all levels of government and media. The association is committed to providing its members with robust industry representation, comprehensive education opportunities, and platforms for promoting their endeavors within the community.

In late 2023, Wilden’s VP Operations, Kirsten, was elected to the CHBA-CO Board of Directors. Kirsten has been serving in the construction and development industry since 2010 and has held roles in sales, administration, human resources, project planning, event planning and interior design.

Born and raised in Kelowna, she has seen massive changes in our city, and she is passionate about improving the construction industry and housing affordability. She hopes to use her voice on the CHBA- CO board to encourage women to consider a career in the trades, introduce the diverse career possibilities of the construction industry to high school students, and make it easier for skilled immigrant workers to come to work in Canada.

Kirsten started her career in the investment business. After having her two boys, she worked in the interior design industry and then found a role at Edgecombe Builders which allowed her to use all of her acquired skills in one role. After 8 ½ years with Edgecombe builders, Kirsten was asked to head the Operations department of the Wilden Group. She has been with the Wilden Group for almost 2 years now.

Kirsten recently attended Governance Training for her position with the CHBA-CO Board of Directors and is most interested in the work that the CHBA does in influencing government policy. With policy changing so rapidly it’s beneficial for Wilden to have Kirsten on the front lines providing insight into what is being communicated within the industry and to our politicians.

For more information about Kirsten and CHBA-CO, please visit CHBA-CO Our Team and the CHBA-CO website