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Find out how Guests from England enjoyed their time in Wilden!


Wilden residents Lisa and Paul had family visiting from England. Here’s Bob Bennets Thank-You to the hosts, sharing his memories of all the wildlife he observed right from the back yard.


I have wonderful memories of watching all the wildlife that appeared around your property on Upper Canyon Drive. The first were those cheeky chipmunks running around your garden and down towards the forest.Whilst watching them, I noticed two hawks circling overhead (I’m a sucker for raptors!). However, while engrossed in their activity, I heard a noise over to my right about 50 feet away and moving very slowly was a coyote who sprang and caught a chipmunk- tossed it up in the air and swallowed it in two gulps! Then, looking at me with an air of disdain (as to say, haven’t you seen a coyote have a late breakfast!). This was sure proving to be some morning, so I sat down with my binoculars and looked across towards the forest once again. It was all very peaceful when suddenly a cracking an crunching sound came from the forest. There SKYLAND BUCK_W4A9941coming down the steep slope was a magnificent stag,imperiously strutting down towards a small pool in a glade at the bottom of the gulley.


I had so much pleasure sitting in your back garden listening and watching all the wildlife that came. Wilden is a beautiful place with nature in mind surrounded by a wonderful growing community. Can’t wait to come back for a visit!


-Bob and Val Bennett from Bromsgrove, England


Thanks so much to our lovely guests, Bob and Val, from England for sharing their beautiful observations in Wilden with us. We love to hear these kind of stories that are just filled with happiness and excitement about the nature and wildlife, which can be discovered in our nature inspired neighbourhood.


Please send your nature stories and discoveries our way at [email protected]. We would love to hear about your adventures in Wilden 🙂