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What You Need to Know About Fire Mitigation

We’ve received many questions about the current fire mitigation and controlled burns in Wilden’s back country. In our interview Rick Pasutto from RJP Holdings answers all of them and more.

Wilden’s fire mitigation work doesn’t only help with preventing wildfires from spreading if they do occur, but also mimics Mother Nature in a controlled way. Forestry consultant Rick Pasutto from RJP Holdings admits that fire mitigation work and controlled burns don’t look pretty, but they are still a lot better than a wildfire during our hot summer months here in the Okanagan. Looking at the devastating bush fires in Australia, the Wilden developer is committed to keep the forest healthy, residents safe and their investment protected.

We hope you enjoy the video and that it will give you some more insight on fire mitigation here in Wilden and why it’s so important.