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“Over Dare We Can Dream” – Rho Shaw


2017 Wilden Creativity Award Winner and Finalists image

left to right: Rho Shaw, Jackie Deck, Karin Eger-Blenk & Pam Turner



On Saturday, April 22nd for the 3rd year in a row we recognized three graduating artists with our 2017 Wilden Creativity Award at their graduation ceremony of UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Critical and Creative Studies.

We are excited to have the artists present some of their pieces at our upcoming Creativity Day in our new Presentation Centre in the summer.





Here are our 2017 Wilden Creativity Award winner and finalists:


Rho ShawWinner of the 2017 Wilden Creativity Award

2017 Wilden Creativity Award Winner image

2017 Wilden Creativity Award Winner

Rho, who immigrated to Canada in 1981, primarily works in photography and silkscreen. Through these mediums she focuses on identity and language as her predominant themes.

Jackie Deck
Jackie is currently exploring the dynamic relationship between the natural world and man-made modern life; working mainly with oil painting and accompanying sculpture.

Pamela Turner
Pamela’s work primarily consists of sculpture and printmaking. Her sculptural body of work focuses on methods associated with hand crafted textiles. Pamela also works in screen printing where she explores the world of Archie comics, altering the dialogue found on the covers to include a more contemporary context.



All three artist will exhibit their work at our new Presentation Centre following our Creativity Day. More information about the event and Presentation Centre opening day will be coming soon, as well as more information about the artists and their work. Make sure you stay in the loop. 🙂