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In the photo left to right: 
Ashok Mathur, Head of Creative Studies at UBC Okanagan
Amy Malbeuf, Award Winner 
Karin Eger-Blenk, Wilden/Blenk Development
Jia Chen, Award Finalist
Jordan Bennett, Award Finalist

The 2016 Wilden Creativity Award Winner and Finalists have been announced!

During last Saturdays graduation ceremony of UBC Okanagans Faculty of Critical and Creative Studies we had the great honor to award three young graduating artists.


Amy Malbeuf, WINNER of $2,500 Wilden Creativity Award
Amy Malbeuf is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Rich Lake, Alberta, Canada. She utilises a variety of mediums including performance, installation, sculpture, caribou hair tufting, beadwork, and digital media. Malbeuf has exhibited and performed nationally. 


Jordan Bennett, MFA graduate
Jordan Bennett is a multi-disciplinary visual artist of Mi’kmaq heritage from Stephenville Crossing Newfoundland.  Jordan has shown extensively in Canada and abroad, in venues such as The Museum of Art and Design, NYC, NY; Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, NM; His work is derived from a combination of observations and influences from historical and popular culture, new media, traditional craft, political issues, and his own cultural practices.


Jia Chen, BFA graduate
Jia first came to the Okanagan when she was 19 years old. She is originally ,from Shanghai, a frantic and overcrowded city in the east of China. She has always been interested in observing the mundane and pays attention to mostly unnoticed moments that happen every day, like riding the bus to school. Jia records her observations of these ordinary
moments through her drawings.
All three artists will exhibit their work in the Wilden Presentation Center this summer. We will announce the opening day soon and give you more insight into the artists work. So make sure to stay tuned and follow our Facebook page.


Have a great day,


The Wilden Team 🙂