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Christmas in the Neighbourhood.
Let’s Support Each Other. 

Wilden Christmas Light Up decorated home imageHomes are lighting up again, and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in Wilden. Driving through the neighbourhood at this time of year is always a magical feast for the eyes. 

While usually we put out a contest, this year we feel more like opening up opportunities for mutual support. All of us have a tough year behind us. What we need now is community spirit rather than competition. Let’s see how we can help our neighbours through challenging times.

2020 Christmas Light Activities:

In the upcoming days our event team will tour the neighbourhoods and pick out the 10 homes that stand out and spread the cheer the most. If your home has been selected, you’ll find a note on your doorstep before December 7th. On December 7th, once it’s dark outside, our team will come around to capture your home in photo and video. 

Every selected home will be rewarded with a Wilden prize bag as a token of gratitude. 

All 10 bags will be stuffed with goods and services created by Wilden residents and their businesses:

We’ll also include:

  • 2x Wilden mugs
  • 1x Wilden face mask


All prize bags will look the same, but one will include a special addition: a $200 GC to Okanagan Flyboard owned by Wilden resident Devon Spittle

Wilden Christmas Light Up decorated home imageDuring the week leading up to Christmas, on Monday, Dec. 21st, we will come around to drop off the prize bags at the selected homes. One lucky home will randomly receive the bag with the $200 gift card.

We will wear masks and stay at a distance when we ring your doorbell. When you open your door you can choose your gift bag. If you prefer to not open the door or you’re not home we will simply leave one bag at your front door. You still have the same chance as everyone else to win the grand prize. 

Most important: when you unpack your gifts and taste your treats, let your neighbours know about them.

We can’t wait to start the X-Mas fun! Stay tuned and happy decorating!