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What are the 2018 Interior Design Trends?

3 Designers Living in Wilden Share Their Thoughts

We asked Brianne and Sheree from Hammers and Heels and interior designer Michele Couves about Interior Design Trends for 2018. Their answers get us all excited about what 2018 has in store. Get inspired to spruce up your interior with these trendy ideas:

“The Western part of the Mainland is definitely (finally) moving away from grey” says Michele Couves. “Walls are starting to warm up a bit and some brown tones are sneaking back into furniture. Gold is back in full force in fixtures and lighting, however it seams to be a bit softer than the 80’s shiny brass. Organic textures in fabric and accessories are gaining popularity again.”

Sheree and Brianne definitely agree that we will see more colour this year in form of “floral prints, for example on pillows, canvas and pretty much anywhere!” It looks like 2018 will bring more nature inspired elements and plants into our homes.

With the two ladies from Hammers and Heels creating custom wood furniture and home decor they are happy to see wood being currently in style. They are seeing the trend leaning towards black signs with wood frames.

The minimalistic home style with clean lines is still very popular but with softer and warmer edges. Bold colours and patterns are popping up, but mostly in accent pieces, cushions and artwork. Michelle predicts the 2018 Interior Design Trend as an overall light and clean look but with some darker pieces for depth and interest.

Here’s an Overview of some 2018 Interior Design Trends:

  • Warmer tones
  • Bold colours & patterns as accent pieces, especially floral prints
  • Organic and raw textures
  • Black signs with wood frames
  • Minimalism, but with softer and warmer edges
  • Nature inspired elements and plants
  • Black and darker pieces for depth and interest

Thank you so much to Michele Couves and Sheree & Brianne from Hammers and Heels for sharing their insights with us. We really appreciate it.

Are you interested in interior design? Stay tuned, we will publish more expert opinions here. What are your own observations regarding the 2018 trends?