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Ever have one of those days where plan to take the entire afternoon off to relax, but then you realize you have one million things to do around the house? Me too.

spring-cleaning-shoe-closet-wilden-kelowna-okanagan-lifestyle-living-classic-shanelle-03Slowly, but surely, my “me time” turns into “Let’s clean the shoe closet, because spring time is around the corner.” However, I don’t think anyone realizes the size of the task of switching your footwear from winter to spring (especially when you have way too many shoes). That’s why I want to share my favourite tips that will help you re-organize your shoe closet during this transitional season! Because, you know, you can’t keep wearing those Canadian blizzard proof boots when there is literally no snow on the ground to make that fashion choice valid.

Tip #1 Sort Through Your Current Shoe Selection

Since it’s not quite warm enough get rid of all our winter footwear, we need to carefully select which ones can stay and which should go. For me, I am keeping some ankle booties around and a pair of classic black knee highs. However, anything with a fuzzy, insulated lining inside them is getting the “boot” (pun intended). Rule of thumb? If you haven’t put them on during that time span, it’s most likely because you don’t need them anymore this year.

Tip #2 Enlist Some Help

If you have a friend or family member living with you, turn this into an activity you can do together! After all, you probably share a shoe closet and you don’t want to put away a pair of shoes your housemate still plans on wearing. Unfortunately, the afternoon I decided to spring clean like crazy, no one, but my dog, Meelo, was around. He’s a fantastic helper when he’s not begging to go for a long walk down Hidden Lake’s walking path.



Tip #3 Use Laundry Hampers as Transportation

Got some extra hampers around the house? Perfect. Now would be the time to use them while you do the good ol’shoe-switcheroo. Put your winter boots in one basket, and your spring shoes in the other as you transfer them over. This saved me a lot of time since I didn’t have to make 300 trips downstairs and then back up again.


Tip #4 Start Organizing Your Spring Shoes

Now that you’ve chosen which pairs of spring shoes you want to start wearing, take some time to organize everything into a neat and clean formation! Simple as that! I like to arrange the shoes I’ll be wearing the most toward the front of my closet, so that they’re always easy for me to access.




So, what do you plan on tackling this afternoon? Are you inspired to get a head start on spring cleaning? Just remember, the sooner to start… the more time you’ll have to explore the beauty around you in our fantastic neighbourhood of Wilden!

About the Author:

Shanelle is the author of the Christian lifestyle blog, Classic Shanelle residing right here in Wilden. She dedicates her content to living fearlessly faithful life through her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle choices. Her writings consist of favourite trends, encouraging messages, and hilarious adventures that make for a good read when you’re in need of a laugh. So, if you’re looking for a sarcastic lifestyle-guru to relate too? Visit today!