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Connect With The Wonders Of Spring!


To get you in the mood for our #WildKelowna Photo Contest “First Signs of Spring” that we’ll announce this weekend, here’s Flora with some inspiration. Make sure to stay tuned …


“Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by the beauty of newly budding pussy willows, or pleasantly dazed by the long awaited warmth of the sun on your face, or found yourself holding your breath at the first glimpse of a robin? Then you are familiar with the amazing and enrapturing condition of Spring Fever! There is eagerness in the air, found in the gentle fragrant breeze, and in the trees adorned with buds bursting forth tender green leaves or pretty blossoms.


Bitterroot plant

Tiny wild flowers are starting to show, such as the Yellow Bell that bows it’s dainty head gracefully, or the spirited purple Shooting Star that points upward as if reaching for the sky. The birds are aflutter, with brightly coloured plumage to help with finding a mate. Foliage is just starting, so on your walks take time to listen for bird calls and songs, and enjoy the opportunity of the inspiring sights without leaves blocking your view.

Spring is also a good time to see different species of ducks. Watch for the dapper black and white Common Goldeneye, the extravagantly crested Hooded Merganser and the iridescent chestnut and green of the gorgeous Wood Duck. Also, keep an eye out for the beloved painted turtles, which are once again reclaiming their spots on the logs in the sunshine.

SPRING FLOWER MAY_WEBThere are many benefits to being out in nature. Multiple studies demonstrate that time spent outdoors can increase energy, plus reduce both anxiety and stress. So, consider walking down a forest path with your family and friends. This is a delightful way to instill feelings of contentment, wellbeing and connection. Nature beckons us to experience all the newness and wonder of spring!”


Article by Flora McLeod



Let us know which sign of spring is your favourite by commenting below 🙂