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Our Second Annual Wilden Creativity Day is coming closer!

On Sunday, June 5th we are hosting our annual Wilden Creativity Day at the Wilden Presentation Centre on 132 Sky Court. Make sure to save the date!

We are excited to showcase the art works of three graduated students from the UBC Okanagan Faculty of Critical and Creative studies, who were awarded in April. Next to exhibiting the art of the finalists we will also have local song writers perform for great entertainment and live music.

In the next couple weeks, leaving up to our Wilden Creativity Dy, we will introduce each and everyone of the artists to you, so make sure to stay tuned.


Today we want to introduce you to Amy Malbeuf, the winning artist of the Wilden Creativity Award.

Artist Amy Malbeuf imageCurrently the artist has some of her pieces exhibit at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art here in Kelowna and we are excited to be able to showcase some of her art work at our Wilden Creativity Day.

Amy Malbeuf is a Cree Métis visual artist from Rich Lake, Alberta. Through utilizing the mediums of caribou hair tufting, beadwork, installation, performance, video and tattooing Malbeuf explores notions of identity, place, language, ecology, and feminism. Malbeuf has exhibited her art work nationally and internationally. In 2015 Malbeuf exhibited at the Dunlop Art Gallery as part of Material Girls as well as in Future Station: Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Alberta. In 2016 Malbeuf was selected as one of six Indigenous artists to create a permanent public art work for the upcoming Indigenous Art Park in the city of Edmonton. Malbeuf has participated in many international artist residencies including at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia; The Banff Centre, Alberta; The Labrador Research Institute, Labrador. Malbeuf is working towards completing a MFA from the University of British Columbia Okanagan this June.

For more information and pictures of her work make sure to visit Amy’s website.


Make sure to save the date and come join us on June 5th for our second annual Wilden Creativity Day!