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Breaking Down Walls

Rykon Construction Show home backyard at night imageRykon Construction has been a partner in Wilden’s development from the very beginning. Kim Barnstable is the Director of Sales and the face you’ll meet and get to work with when you embark on your homebuilding journey.

Kim moved to Kelowna in 2006 when he joined the team at Rykon as Construction Manager. He built a great foundation and wealth of knowledge before he transitioned into his sales role. Kim is most lit up when working with his clients, understanding their desires and needs. It’s a great honour for him to be trusted with someone’s big life investment.

Ever since Kim moved from Vancouver to work for Rykon Construction he has been living in Wilden. When you ask Kim about Wilden he is definitely biased, living in his fourth Wilden home by now. If you have any questions about what it’s like to build and live here, Kim can share from first hand experience.

Kim feels extremely proud of the Rykon Showhome in Wilden’s Rocky Point neighbourhood for the fact that it has some outstanding features while still being very practical. “Many can envision themselves living in this home.” You can visit the Rykon Showhome daily from 1-5pm, expect Fridays at 1470 Rocky Point Drive.

A User-Friendly Approach

Describing his team in one word Kim answered “user-friendly.” He shared with us that the Rykon Construction team is really good at breaking down walls and making the daunting task of building a home more approachable.

Watch the interview with Kim below to find out how Rykon Construction breaks down walls and makes the building process user-friendly. 

It’s an honour to have the Rykon team as a part of our Select Wilden Builders program.

Explore more about Rykon Construction and their Wilden Showhome at 1470 Rocky Point Drive, Kelowna BC here.

Get in touch with Kim via phone or email:

(250) 712 9664
[email protected]