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Kelowna, BC, January 8, 2013 – Upper Canyon Drive officially opened to traffic on January 2, 2013, much to the delight of Wilden’s residents.

The benefits of the new road, which connects the two sides of Wilden, are multifold.

It offers a shorter, more convenient route between Clifton Road and Glenmore Road, making it easier for residents to get around the massive master planned community and access Glenmore amenities, the airport and UBC campus. It also provides an alternate access route for police, fire and ambulance emergency services, and is a proposed route for public transit.

Regarding new development within Wilden, the new road opens up 74 new building lots with stunning views, which will be released for sale in Spring 2013.

Construction began on the new 2.3 km connector road more than a year ago and was exceptionally complex due to the steep, rocky terrain. In total over 185,000 cubic meters of rock was removed, and 1,760 square meters of retaining walls, 5,200 meters of curb, and 2,200 meters of sidewalk were built. Extensive sewer, water and electrical work was also required, which improved the City of Kelowna’s servicing network and the FortisBC electrical servicing grid.

While the new road will benefit both residents of Wilden and the City of Kelowna, it didn’t cost taxpayers a cent. The developer funded the entire project, which cost in excess of $10 million.