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Okanagan Modern Meets Wilden Farm

In the past three years, we have been listening to our residents closely to learn about the home styles and front yards they are eager to create. We passed these impulses on to our four Wilden home designers, who helped us develop an extensive program of fresh, original home plans. We also adjusted our building guidelines for the new Hidden Hills neighbourhood to allow for even more variety and individual expression.

Two Designs, One Floor Plan

Each home plan features two exterior designs to get inspired, showing our well-known Okanagan Modern style and now also our newly added Wilden Farm design. Steeper pitched and flatter roof lines will meet to create an interesting streetscape and will ultimately give the homeowner the option to create a timeless look they love for their home.

Errock Home Plan in Okanagan Modern

Errock Home Plan in Wilden Farm

The front yards on our home illustrations are showing options of using native and drought-resistant plants to create a beautiful oasis around your house. Lush, resilient and sustainable vegetation will grow the homes together visually into a picturesque and timeless neighbourhood.


Wilden’s select home plan program is meant to be a base for people to get started with building their home in Wilden. These select home designs and plans are a great way to save costs in the early drafting stages. Each home plan however can still be customized to meet individual ideas and dreams. People may take the plans as they are or use them for inspiration and further customization.

Standard Home Plan Specs

Build your home in Wilden

For further pricing and information please check out all our home plans or contact one of Wilden’s Select Builders.

Home PlansHome Builders

We hope you are as excited as we are about these new home plans and two exterior styles.

We can’t wait to see the first home plan to be built in real life in Wilden.