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It’s time to #MeetWilden. Meet Precious Staffordshire Terrier Lexi.

1. What is your name and breed.

My name is Lexi and I am Staffordshire terrier.


2. Which Wilden neighbourhood do you live in?

I live in one of the Hidden Lake Lookout townhomes.


3. What do you do for work and where can we find you online?

I love to play with my toys and I am starting my own business as a social media influencer. I will be testing the durability of the dog toys and you can find me on instagram at @misslillexi.

4. What do you do for play?

I like to chew, especially the things that I am not allowed to like shoes and pillows.


5. What is your secret superpower?

Definitely my smile. 🙂


6. What are some of your favourite things about living in Wilden?

I love all the trails that are right in my backyard and I also love to walk by the lakes and play with turtles.


7. What is Kelowna’s best kept secret?

I believe that it is Wilden. Not too many other dogs know about it and I feel very grateful to live here. I love exploring all the hikes and trails that we have here.


8. What is your favourite locally made product?

I love the homemade dogs cookies from the Glenmore bakery.


9. If you could give $1M to charity, which one would you choose?

SPCA of course. I would like to help other animals to have a better life.


10. What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I like to play with people more than with other dogs. I used to jump up on people to make them play with me, but now that I have learned at the polite puppy school that it is not a good behaviour I am really trying not to jump anymore.


11. If you weren’t living in the beautiful Okanagan, where would you live?

I love it here. I would not want to live anywhere else, but I would like to have a home with a bigger yard one day.