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It’s time to #MeetWilden. Meet Wilden Resident and Photographer Mike Houghton!


1. What is your name?

Mike Houghton.


2. What Wilden neighbourhood do you live in?

Hidden Lake


3. What do you do for work and where can we find you online?

I’m a photographer and you can find my work on my website and To see and stay up to date with my most recent shots follow me on Instagram @bluemaxphotography.



4. What do you do for play?

In my free time I enjoy taking pictures and golfing. I also love classic cars and guitars.


5. What is your secret superpower?

The ability to fix things… I’ve been taking pictures of the animals at the Kelowna SPCA every week for the past four years to help with adoptions.


6. What are some of your favourite things about living in Wilden?

All the green space and easy access to hiking, the area is great for taking pictures. I also enjoy the architectural design and how close you are to most things within Kelowna.


7. What is Kelowna’s best kept secret?



8. What is your favourite locally made product?

Fruit, produce and the wine.


9. If you could give $1M to charity, which one would you choose?

I would split it and give half to the SPCA and the other half to the BC Children’s Hospital.


10. What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

That I am a good cook.


11. If you weren’t living in the beautiful Okanagan, where would you live?

I’d live in France or Italy.