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It’s time to #MeetWilden! Meet The Wilden Handyman, Mark Fitz.

1. What’s your name?

I’m Mark Fitz

2. Which Wilden neighbourhood do you live in and when did you move here?

My wife Katherine and I live on Still Pond. We moved from Surrey 3½ years ago.

3. What do you do for work and where can we find you online?

Shortly after moving to Wilden, I saw a post on the Wilden Facebook Page from Ashley Sexsmith, a fellow resident, who needed help with a few small projects around her home.

Having done painting and handyman work prior to moving to Kelowna, I offered my services. Over the next few weeks, other residents posted similar requests for help, and Ashley would simply say, “Call Mark Fitz – he’s The Wilden Handyman!” Since then, I’ve been busy rumbling around Wilden in my retired ambulance.

Working in over 200 homes has been a pleasure. My smallest job was installing a toilet paper holder! I’ve done everything from painting, drywall repairs, changing light bulbs, fixing closet doors, installing baseboards – you name it, I’ve done it! My business relies solely on word of mouth from the Wilden community, and many of my clients have become friends – that’s one of the best parts of my work.

Feel free to contact me: [email protected] or 778-255-2855.

4. What is a fact about you or a superpower/talent of yours that nobody would guess?

I’ve lived in five countries across three continents and visited 18 different countries.

5. What are some of your favourite things about living in Wilden?

Our home offers a spectacular view of Still Pond, and we love the trail right outside our door. One of our favorite ways to start the day is to sit on the deck with our coffee and watch the birds, ducks, turtles, and eagles. We even have a term for when the ducks get into a fight – we call it a “duckuffle.” Watching the wind race across the water and ice forming in the winter makes every season wonderful!

6. If you were an animal living in Wilden, which one would you be?

I’d be an eagle, soaring effortlessly and enjoying the view.

7. What are some of your favourite local Kelowna businesses you like to support and more people need to know about?

I love Sprout Bakery, Bernie’s, Skinny Dukes, Karat, and J’s Café. The Okanagan Grocer has the best chocolate croissants ever. Can you tell I like food?

I also love the music scene in Kelowna. We have world-class musicians in our community who bring happiness through their music. The School of the Blues, every third Thursday at the Rotary Center for the Arts, is one of my favourites – it’s fantastic!

8. What does a perfect weekend in Wilden/Kelowna/the Okanagan look like for you?

A perfect weekend starts with coffee on the deck, listening to the birds and enjoying the warm sun on my face. A morning kayak with Katherine on a glassy lake, followed by breakfast with her fabulous muffins and more coffee, makes for a great start. We might go for a bike ride around Wood Lake or catch some live music in the evening. Alternatively, we might spend the day puttering around the yard, occasionally tending to whatever happens to be cooking on the smoker, and hanging out with friends with a glass of wine on the deck.

9. Tell us about one of your greatest memories/experiences in Wilden so far.

As difficult and scary as the 2023 fire was, it was heartwarming to see the community rally together. Neighbours helped each other, checked in on one another, and provided support. While I hope never to go through that again, it’s comforting to know we live in a community that cares.

10. If you could choose anyone to be your neighbour, who would you choose?

We already have the best neighbours!

11. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I would practice piano more. However, that would mean Katherine would have to forgo sleep too, and that’s not happening!

Thank you, Mark, for taking the time to introduce yourself.

If you have handyman task, make sure to reach out to Mark at [email protected] or 778-255-2855

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