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Lucie Eger Wilden Sales Assistant1. What is your name?

Lucie Eger


2. Which Wilden neighbourhood do you live in?

I don’t live in Wilden myself, but visit the family up in the Skylands often.


3. What do you do for work?

I work for Kodiak BC as a project coordinator and copy writer. We are a family business focused on photo, film and digital marketing. You can also find me at Wilden’s Lost Creek Point Showhome and teaching Yoga at Solstice & The Hot Box Yoga downtown!


4. How do you relax after a hard day at work?

Yoga, cooking, podcasts and spending lots of time with dogs.


5. What is your secret superpower?

Patience and calm. Constantly working on it.


6. What are some of your favourite things about Wilden?

I love my family’s home here in Wilden for the nature all around, space to run for our dogs, sweet neighbours and beautiful views.


7. What is the most amazing adventure to go on in the Okanagan?

My favourite would be bouldering and hiking out at the boulderfields right here in Kelowna, or a little day trip down to Penticton or Oliver. Does lunch at Sprout count as an adventure?


8. If you were an animal living in Wilden, which one would you be?

Neighbour Twyla’s dog Jessi. He’s got it pretty nice all around.


9. If you could give $1M to charity, which one would you choose?

Some would go to the Blenk Family Fund for youth mental health. The rest I would divide and give to multiple smaller-scale charities in the realms of sustainability, human rights, climate change, animal welfare. 


10. Tell us about one of your greatest adventures/memories in Wilden so far.

Some of my best Wilden memories have to be the house concerts hosted by my parents. I love seeing so many people – neighbours, friends, strangers – come together and enjoy evenings full of music and good company. Other than that – my earliest memory in Wilden is sledding down all the way from the Skylands before the roads were open, back when I was visiting Kelowna for the first time.


11. If you could choose anyone to be your neighbour, who would you choose?

A lot of names come to mind, but probably Brené Brown. I’d want to invite her over for dinner every day.


12. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I’d try to learn as many languages as possible and would probably do a lot of baking and eating of baked goods.