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It’s time to ‪#‎MeetWilden‬! Meet Lisa Dalcin, Wilden’s VP Sales Multi-Family.

1. How and when did you first get involved with Wilden and what is your role?
I am part of the Wilden sales team as of 2013. I was a licensed Realtor in town and wanted a change and this was exactly the change I was looking for.

2. What are some of your favourite things about working for Wilden?
The staff is great and it’s nice to work somewhere that is so respected in the community.


3. What is your secret super power?
If I told you, I would have to kill you!


4. What are some of your favourite ways to relax and play in the Okanagan?
I enjoy going for hikes in Wilden, snowshoeing, skiing, horseback riding and anything that involves being with family and friends.


5. If you were to build your dream house in Wilden, what are some must-haves you would include?
His and her closets, an infinity pool with a large outdoor entertaining area, a gourmet kitchen and a floor to ceiling real wood burning rock fireplace.


6. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m actually 89 years old….shhhh! 7. What is Kelowna’s best kept secret?


7. What is Kelowna’s best kept secret?
Joon’s Kitchen on Tutt Street is a great place for sushi.


8. What is your favourite locally made product?
Wine of course!


9. If you could give $1M to charity, which one would you choose?
BC Children’s Hospital.


10. If you weren’t living in the beautiful Okanagan, where else would you live?
Somewhere in the south of France.