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It’s Time to #MeetWilden! Meet Wilden Residents & Adventure Seekers Jeff and Lois.

Wilden residents Jeff & Lois image1. What is your name?

Jeff and Lois Gunn


2. Tell us about your upcoming travel plans.

We have just returned from 5 weeks travelling to the Arctic – Prudhoe Bay at the end of the Dalton highway in Alaska and Tuktoyaktuk at the end of the Dempster highway in the North West Territories. It’s the first stage of a longer term 12 month journey following the Pan American highway from the Arctic (Prudhoe Bay, Alaska) to the Antarctic (Ushuaia, Argentina). We are currently in Kelowna preparing to continue the trip south from Kelowna in late July.


3. Which Wilden neighbourhood do you live in when you’re not adventuring?

We live in Rocky Point.


4. What do you do for work and where can we find you online?

I have just retired after a career in banking and Lois has retired from the City of Kelowna.  So far retirement is just awesome – finally we feel like we have time to do things! For anyone interested we are doing a weekly blog on our website

5. What is your secret superpower?

Not really sure we have a secret ‘super’ power as such, but l’d say we do have a strong ‘can do’ attitude – anything is possible if you are persistent enough! I love the Nike slogan which is a great life philosophy  – Just Do It!


6. What is one thing that you look forward to when returning to your home in Wilden?

The natural surroundings, beautiful neighbourhoods (and neighbours), the views, the proximity to downtown….and our family and friends of course ! This is our second home in Wilden – we moved from Hidden Ridge a couple of years ago. It’s a very peaceful neighbourhood which we really like.


7. What is the most amazing adventure to go on in the Okanagan?

Skiing/boarding at Big White and Silver Star in the winter, and enjoying Okanagan Lake in the summer. We love that Kelowna has grown big enough that you now have pretty well everything you need right here in our own community. World class health care, a world class university, an international airport and some of the best wineries in Canada – what’s not to like?


8. If you were an animal living in Wilden, which one would you be?

An eagle – total freedom to go where you want and the views must be amazing !


9. If you could give $1M to charity, which one would you choose?

Canadian Cancer Society – lost two grandparents to the disease and both Lois and I have lost close friends in their 40’s and 50’s to cancer. We have to find a cure!


10. Tell us about one of your greatest adventures/memories in Wilden so far.

Probably the amazing trails in our own neighbourhood – it’s incredible, the wildlife you can see right in our own backyard. Just 5 minutes from our home we can be in the middle of nature with not a building in sight. Pretty cool when you think we are still just 10 minutes from downtown!


11. If you could choose anyone to be your neighbour, who would you choose?

We like the one we have (and we only have one)  – She is the perfect neighbour and has two charming little twin boys who love to wander over to visit. Could not have a better neighbour.


12. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

Lois, probably more time visiting friends and family. She loves to catch up with what is going on with everyone. For myself, being a bit of a news junkie I’d probably spend the extra time on that!