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It’s time to #MeetWilden! A Conversation with Dr. Jordan Sanders

Dr. Jordan Sanders’ love for Wilden, dedication to his profession, and his delightful sense of humour make him a cherished member of the community. Through his work at Knox Mountain Dentistry and his involvement in local activities, Dr. Jordan continues to foster strong connections and support the vibrant life in Wilden.

Meet Dr. Jordan Sanders

Dr. Jordan Sanders, a dedicated Wilden resident, is passionate about his community and the natural beauty that surrounds it. He lives in the Old Long Ridge neighborhood, where he moved with his family in 2019.

Professional Life and Online Presence

Dr. Jordan is a dentist who owns and operates Knox Mountain Dentistry in downtown Kelowna. Since opening three years ago, his practice has garnered substantial support from Wilden locals. Known for being fun, easy-going, and caring, Knox Mountain Dentistry offers comprehensive family dental services. Jordan takes immense pride in his work and cherishes the connections he forms with the community.

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Hidden Talents

Dr. Jordan’s superpower? The art of the dad joke. His knack for humour not only reflects his personality but also helps make dental visits less intimidating.

Love for Wilden

For Dr. Jordan, one of the best aspects of living in Wilden is its close connection to nature. The community’s forested surroundings have always been a significant highlight for him.

Spirit Animal

If Dr. Jordan were an animal living in Wilden, he’d be an owl. Wise choice, indeed!

Family Traditions

When asked about favourite family traditions, Dr. Jordan’s love for his community and nature shines through. Although he didn’t specify a particular tradition, his connection to Wilden and its environment is evident.

Supporting Local Businesses

Dr. Jordan is a big supporter of local Kelowna businesses. While he can’t single out just one favourite, he recommends checking out the Wilden Business Facebook group to discover the incredible endeavours of his neighbours.

The Perfect Weekend

A perfect weekend for Dr. Jordan includes a mix of fitness, family, and fun. He starts with a gym session, followed by coffee at Sprout Bread. A late morning beach trip with his kids, ice cream at Parlour downtown, and an afternoon at a local park are essential. To top it off, a delicious takeout dinner from Zabb Thai makes the day complete.

Memorable Experiences

One of Dr. Jordan’s most cherished memories in Wilden is from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the world at a standstill, he spent quality time with his young daughter while his wife worked on the front lines. Walking around Still Pond and Hidden Lake with his daughter in a hiking backpack, enjoying the sights of turtles, remains a precious memory.

Ideal Neighbour

If Dr. Jordan could choose anyone to be his neighbour, it would be Nikola Tesla. While he might not see much of the reclusive inventor, the sounds of explosions and electricity arcing in the basement would undoubtedly keep things interesting.

Extra Time, Extra Presence

If Dr. Jordan didn’t have to sleep, he would focus on enjoying time and being more present. As time seems to fly faster with age, he values finding better ways to appreciate each moment.

Dr. Lindsay Balfour & Dr. Jordan Sanders of Knox Mountain Dentistry

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