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You’ve bought a new flatscreen TV, now why not update it’s home too!

Hi! Brittany of Simply Saari here again. The first neighbourhoods of Wilden were built before flatscreen TV’s were a home staple. Instead of ‘making it work’, here are some tips on how to transition your living room into the modern day century. 

TV Position

If you’re updating your living room to house your TV like we did, first consider the positioning. For larger TV’s consider placing this on the wall above your fireplace. Make sure that the mantel you use is either a non-combustable product or complies to the heat/distance ratio.


TV Size 

I do not suggest having your TV be larger than your fireplace but if you aren’t looking to replace your current fireplace, consider a mantel instead to make it feel larger. Also, the larger the TV the more you’ll look up. In large spaces this works well but if you can’t set your couches back, stick to a smaller size so you aren’t always straining your neck to look up. 



Consider using materials all in the same colour to create a modern look for your centre structure. Each material offers a different texture and will create depth on the wall. Always continue the design to the ceiling for height but also consider the width of this structure to ensure it doesn’t feel skinny. 

Built In’s

Adding built ins to either side of your TV is a great design feature and also offers storage opportunities. Everyone always needs more storage! Consider doing the built in shelves in a wood stain or different colour from the fireplace piece for a pop of character. We choose greenback which mirrors our kitchen island in the great room. 

Hint: Although your fireplace structure should reach the ceiling, your shelving shouldn’t in a vaulted ceiling room. Stop the shelving, lights or artwork at the natural wall heigh approximately 8-9ft. 



Texture, colour, height. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – texture, colour, height. Use this reference when styling your shelves or even your coffee table. My favourite pieces to use for styling are candles, vases, pictures, plants and books. Also don’t forget to include pieces that are important to you! We have a Townsite Brewing growler from Bobby’s home town of Powell River. Unfortunately Bobby sometimes steals it for beer, but it’s easily accessible for a reason. 


xx Simply Saari