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Today Flora Writes About What Life Around the Pond Can Be Found In Wilden!


Once upon a pond, on a serene and early morning, just as the sun was peering out from behind the turquoise mountains I exhale my ‘to do list’ for the day. I inhale fresh air by breathing in (slowly counting 1-2-3-4), then breathing out slowly (1-2-3-4-5-6). I repeat this while I watch the light mist swirl in these first sparkling rays of sunshine. The call of the Red Winged Black Bird, “aawnk-ah-rrreeeeeee!” seems to say, “come a little closer, for this morning’s stillness will soon give way to the afternoon.”


bird by pond imageI sit on a warm rock to watch the splendor, and listen to the pond chorus waft over the shining water. Long green Cattails keep rhythm in the light breeze while the Pond Wren, Bullock’s Oriole and Yellow Headed Black Bird create a three way harmony.  Even the dragonflies and bees chime in with a blend of buzzes and hums. In the middle of it all is the Ruddy Duck with a bright blue bill and tail feathers held high. It shows off among the other less conspicuous water fowl, the Wigeon, the Gadwall, the Ring Necked Duck and the Coot.
Yet, even with all the wonders of the pond it is the quiet presence of the Painted Turtles sitting grandly on their logs that have captivated me this morning.  Nor am I alone, these turtles bring such joy to many passers-by with their bright yellow stripes on their head, legs and tail.  Often I have seen people craning their necks to count how many are out sunning themselves. Even rambunctious children stop for a minute or two, Painted turtles in pondexclaiming in delight at the sight of them all lined up, and at times even piled two high!


As the morning progresses the area is illuminated by the sun, which casts a glowing halo. The vegetation along the periphery of the pond is accentuated by pink wild roses amongst  the soft green willows. These sheltered areas are perfect resting spots for adorable families of fuzzy ducklings and goslings.


Not to be left out, a sleek muskrat skims across the water, its tail moving in an S shape,  and with a ‘splosh’ it dives out of sight deep within the murky water. The salamander peeks out from behind a leaf, with dark round eyes. This remarkable creature starts life in the water then progresses to life on land, yet another one of the many interesting secrets of the pond.  Lastly, my eyes wander to the shallow water where a Great Blue Heron stands like a statue.  It looks down to the water, as though it is in quiet reflection and admiration of this peaceful, musical and colourful combination of life around the pond……..


“Come a little closer for this morning stillness will soon give way to the afternoon!”


– Article by Flora McLeod


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