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We are pleased to introduce Jackie Deck, 2017 Wilden Creativity Award Nominee.


Born and raised in Kelowna, Jackie explores the dynamic relationship between the natural world and man-made modern life; working mainly with oil painting and accompanying sculpture.


Jackie Deck Artist Portrait

“The subject matter in my work mirrors the health of our consciousness as a collective society. What may appear as simple as paintings of litter and houseplants actually speaks to a much larger narrative based around psychological dysfunctionality and neglect. My interpretation, one that is also scientifically proven, is that however a person feels about his/her self and own life is reflected in how that person will behave toward his/her environment. Put simply, a person that feels badly will treat people/things around them badly, unconsciously lashing out through means of littering for example. My paintings illustrate this point while also highlighting the irony with which we simultaneously celebrate nature by keeping things like houseplants or household items that sport nature-inspired designs and patterns. My paintings may express these ideas quite innocently and almost serenely, however my intention is to provide a platform for critical thinking and analysis of our routine neglect to respectfully acknowledge and coexist with the environment. In doing so, I hope that people may become more aware of themselves by being mindful of their actions and emotions, and the psychological source behind them.”