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What are the 2018 Interior Design Trends?

Entouquet and By Inspired Design share their point of view about the latest home trends.

Chrissy and Lisa from Entouquet create custom wall sculptures and love experimenting with different materials. With their passion for home decor they are the perfect people to ask for advice about upcoming interior trends for 2018. Here are three trends and inspirations they see more and more sneaking into our homes this year.

1. Byron Bay Beach House:

We like to think of this as a modern style beach house with a sprinkling of hippie boho chic; like really simple clean lines of a modern home with pieces of Rattan furniture and earthy fixtures and decor. A touch of that 70’s colour palette as seen in @bohemegoods on Instagram. Lots of soft pinks and ivory and tan with tobacco brown and all shades of sand.

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2. Finca Style:

Spanish style farmhouse, rustic and simple with exposed wood beams and white adobe style walls. The account @la_finca on Instagram shows great examples of this.

3. Modern Mid Century Mexican:

Its sort of similar to the Finca Style but think @pedrofriedeberg statement pieces like the classic hand chair, along with the inspiration of photographer Slim Aaron’s Acapulco images from the 60’s and 70’s (pops of beautiful colour). Big bright spaces containing earthy and colourful elements as well as Mexican inspired decor, along with streamlined and simple Scandinavian furniture. for Decor look at @wearepamp. This Instagram account shows great examples of these things being put together.

Debbie from By Inspired Design and interior designer of the AuthnTech Homes Showhome in Wilden sees a trend of more nature inspired elements being brought into our homes. Here are her thoughts:

“Home owners are wanting the outside elements reflected in their homes. We will see trends towards multi-textured textiles i.e. woods, concrete, stone etc. blended in with beautiful clean lines and subtle colour. White in all spaces on walls and cabinets still provide beautiful base pallet and adding splashes of colour bring it to life. The trend is leaning towards feature walls and details added with combined materials shiplap, textured moldings and many different tile applications available to mirror many outside elements. We will see homes including beautiful work spaces with larger windows, bright open spaces combined with cozy touches so people can work from home, relax and be most creative.”

Cover image: Fawdry Homes Wilden Showhome by Jon Adrian.