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 Fabulous Front Porch Decoration Inspiration


When I think back to my childhood, some of the happiest memories were the ones where I sat on my Aunt’s porch swing as I waited for the ice cream truck to roll by. She had it so nicely decorated, with little farm animal figurines scattered about in strategic places. And the more I reminisced, the more I began to realize how beautifully decorated the porches in Wilden are! So, this weekend I took a long walk throughout our neighbourhood to discover some of the best-decorated porches that I can’t wait to share with you.

Something I noticed as I moseyed through Wilden under the blossoming springtime sun, was that each porch told a story about the people who lived there. From cheeky rustic signs that say “Welcome, we are awesome” to a simplistic, yet chic patio set- I began to imagine what took place on the porches of our Wilden residents. I could see summers filled with lots of laughs and lemonade as they hid away from the beaming Okanagan heat, long midnight talks on their bench while admiring the stars, and a perfect viewpoint to keep an eye on the kids as they ran down the street to play with their friends.


porch decoration wilden image


Now, I can’t say for sure that’s how their porch perching scenarios go, but what I can say is that it got me thinking about how I could decorate my porch! What kind of pieces would I put out front that perfectly capture the personality of my family? Maybe a ceramic bird on our patio set with large planted pots hanging from the roof? I know that vibrantly coloured flowers would be a must!

I guess my question to you would be, “How would you decorate your porch?” I encourage you to take some inspiration from these lovely local homes as they really have outdone themselves! You’re sure to get some great ideas on how you could adorn the front of your home thanks to their pretty impeccable decorating talents.


– Blog Post by Wilden’s Lifestyle Blogger Shanelle Connell


If you have any great pictures of your Wilden Front Porch Decor, share them with us on our Wilden Facebook page or via Instagram and tag us with #wildenkelowna. We are looking forward to your captures 🙂


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