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The First All OKANAGAN MODERN Family Neighbourhood. 


Forest Edge under construction IMAGE

Forest Edge under construction. (Photo by Michael Eger, Kodiak BC)

Home design in Wilden has always had a timeless yet innovative quality. It was 14 years ago when Wilden first shaped its unique nature-inspired craftsman style of architecture. Building guidelines were established by Blenk Development in cooperation with their four select builders to ensure that every home had a distinct look and feel while providing design harmony within the community.

Just take a stroll through any of the built-out neighbourhoods in Wilden – like Hidden Lake, Lost Creek or Terrace Hill – and you’ll see why staying true to these guidelines is so important. Streetscapes are inviting and picturesque; there’s a perfect balance between diversity and harmony. The ambiance is so relaxing. If you don’t already live in Wilden, it’ll make you wish you did!

In 2015, the Wilden team began working on the next generation of the community’s unique home style. Modern influences were integrated, while keeping the natural materials and warm colours that reflect the essence of Wilden neighbourhoods. Three of the most talented home designers in Kelowna were involved in creating this new design direction, named OKANAGAN MODERN. It is characterized by low roof pitches, wide overhangs, and a great variety of architectural details and materials that have a nature-inspired appeal.


An extended Okanagan Modern program will be launched in fall 2017. (Design by Jeremy Newell)

Forest Edge, a cozy community of 63 family homes, is Wilden’s first exclusively OKANAGAN MODERN neighbourhood. With almost all the lots sold, the area is buzzing with construction. All future residents either picked one of the 12 pre-priced home plans or had their home customized according to the design guidelines. By this time next year it will be exciting to walk through Forest Edge and see how the streetscape unfolds.

Already planning ahead, the Wilden team is currently working on expanding the OKANAGAN MODERN collection.  A new catalogue of pre-priced homes and custom home ideas will be ready by the end of 2017.  This will give families buying lots in the upcoming Echo Ridge neighbourhood even more home plan options and inspiration to customize.

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