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Listening to You

Fawdry Homes’ policy has always been to first and foremost listen to their clients, and the company has done just that for over 35 years.

Founded by Glenn Fawdry in 1984, Fawdry Homes is known for quality homes all across the Okanagan. In 2016 Chris Freer and Jon Jenion took over as managing partners. Both are grateful for the wealth of knowledge their mentor Glenn provided. 

Jon Jenion and Chris Freer at Fawdry Homes show home in Wilden image

Jon and Chris | © Jon Adrian

Chris Freer, who has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, manages client relations. He describes his team as a very humbling group and great listeners. 

Construction manager Jon Jenion oversees permits and structural processes. As a licensed builder Jon is happy to assist his clients with his over 18 years of experience. He believes that the key to a smooth building process is “being able to trust your builder”. “Allowing us to give advice knowing that it comes from experience and lessons learnt”, Jon adds. 

Jon’s favourite part is the general construction and rough-in phase. He visually describes it as installing the core and guts of a home. This phase requires the most attention and sets the foundation for the home. 

Both Chris and Jon spend a lot of time at the Fawdry Showhome, which is the first point of contact to meet with the team. The Fawdry Showhome is an award winning home, designed and built in a modern industrial style. It features a lot of unique details and items to really show visitors what is possible. To see it for yourself and to get inspired you can visit the Showhome at Rocky Point Drive daily from 1-5pm, except Fridays.


A Strong Focus on Team Spirit 

Fawdry Homes puts a strong focus on providing a team that shares their passion for excellence and is able to stay open to the clients needs throughout complex processes. 

“Listening to clients seems to be common sense but is most often not practiced in reality”, says Chris. “Taking the clients vision as a foundation for every step builds trust and eventually a home that they will always love to live in.” 

We asked Jon to describe his team in one word, which was rather tough as many words came to mind for him. Eventually, Jon decided on ‘focused’, which is ultimately why Fawdry Homes is known for uncompromising quality, and award winning homes in the Okanagan.


Watch the video below and learn more about Chris, Jon and thier team. We feel very fortunate to have Fawdry as a Select Wilden Builders. They keep raising the bar in home construction in the Okanagan Valley.

Explore more about Fawdry Homes and their Wilden Showhome at 1462 Rocky Point Drive, Kelowna BC here.

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