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Fun & Creative Project For Your Backyard


Are you looking for a fun and creative way to spice up your garden or interior? We have a great idea for you how to do exactly that: Make your own plant holder!

The good thing is you can be very creative with this. You decide how many plants you want to incorporate, the colour, material and size of your plant pots, and how you want to hang it if you want to hang it at all.

DIY plant holder essentials image

Here’s what you will need:

  • Wooden plank or board
  • Plants of your choice
  • Plant pots of your choice (we used 3 metal buckets, but you could also use cute little mason jars for example)
  • Pipe clamps (size will depend on the size of your pots)
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Sanding paper
  • Extra fertilizer (may not be needed)


1. Sanding

For our vertical DIY plant holder we used an old 2”x4” wooden plank to hold three plants. First off we sanded it a little bit to smoothen the service. This may not be needed if you purchase a new piece of wood.


2. Adjust Pipe Clamps

The second step is to adjust the pipe clamps with a screwdriver so they perfectly fit the plant pots, in our case the 3 metal buckets. Once the clamps are tight enough and sitting in the right spot around your pot(s) measure out the distances between the buckets on the wooden board depending on how you want to place them.


DIY plant holder image3. Decide on a Layout

We decided to stagger our pots a little bit, two hanging more on the left side and the one pot in the middle off to the right side. This allows the plants to be equally exposed to the sun instead of being hidden.

If you were to decide to hang your board horizontally you won’t have to worry much about how to stagger so plants get equally as much light. It’s totally up to you which way you want to hang or lean your board at the end and how many plants you would like to have hanging on the board.

Once you decided where you want your pots to go on your board mark where you will need to put your metal clamps with a pencil.


4. Drill Holes into Clamps

Now you will want to drill a hole into the clamp(s) as hammering a nail through them can be really though. Make sure the drill bit size is not too thick for your nail, otherwise the clamp may not be tight on the board and hang a little bit too loosely. You might want to get some help with the drilling as it makes it a lot easier if someone holds the clamp in place while the other person drills a hole in the right spot. You may want to consider placing your hole on the clamp so you are still able to adjust the diameter of the clamp afterwards once it is nailed to the board. This will allow you to switch out pots once in awhile and adjust the clamp to the size of the pot.


5. Nail Clamps to your Wooden Board

Now that you have little holes in you clamps place them on your previously made marks on your wooden board. Take a nail and hammer the clamps to the board. You will want to choose nails that are long enough to hold the weight of plants, but short enough to not go all the way through the board.


6. Plant & Hang Your Plants

With your clamps nailed to the board take your plants of choice and plant them in your pots if not already done. Place the newly planted pots in the clamps and VOILA your DIY plant holder is done!


If you decide to have your DIY planter indoors make sure the pots you choose don’t leak so watering is not problem. This DIY planter may also come in handy to grow some herbs at home in a cute and fashionable way.

Feel free to add your own little touch by painting the wood, adding a cute quote or whatever comes to your mind. Be creative with this! 🙂

You can also watch our time-lapse of making this plant holder here.




We would love to see your creations. Share your DIY plant holders with us on Instagram using the hashtag #wildenDIY