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Add Some Boho to Your Home!


As the days will be getting shorter add some colour to your interior with a beautiful DIY Macrame Plant Hanger. Making your own Macrame hanger is a lot of fun. You have total creative freedom with adding beads or anything else you can come up with. The easiest way to start is to hang the project from something and then work your way down.


diy macrame hanger supplies imageHere is what you will need:

  • A plant pot or vase
  • A plant
  • Some sort of hoop (to hang your Macrame Plant Hanger from)
  • Braided cotton rope (we used a 50′ long one from Rona which was perfect, but the length will depend on how long you want the hanger to be in the end)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Beads (optional)


1. Measuring Your Pieces

First of all you want to cut your rope into 4 equal in length pieces. If you are working with a 50′ cotton rope like we did cut it into four 12.5′ long pieces. Loop them all through your hoop, from which you are going to hang your plant basket, and you should end up with 8 strings to work with (4 groups of 2). Secure everything at the top either with a knot or big bead so the strings stay in place. You can also take a smaller piece of rope and wrap it around the top like we did.


2. Forward Knot

diy macrame plant hanger, forward knot imageNow you are all set up to get creative. We worked with a simple forward or “4” knot. Take a pair of strings and create the shape of the number four by putting your left string over the right one, then tuck the end that overlaps through the “four” shape you created. Pull it through and all the way up until it is tight. We continued like this for another 10 knots, which makes it almost look like a spiral. You can use beads at the beginning and/or end if you wish. This knot is not necessary but mixes things up.


3. Josephine Knot

diy macrame plant hanger, jospehine knot imageThe second knot for the shown Macrame Plant Hanger is a Josephine knot, which almost resembles the figure eight. If you don’t know how to tie this knot click here for a quick illustration. This knot looks difficult at first, but is super easy once you get the hang of it, plus it is a great eye catcher and fancy looking.


4. Making the Basket

To create the basket we used simple knots. There are many different ways to make this work. Try out different variations just for fun. In case something doesn’t go as planned, don’t worry! You can always untie the knots and start over again.


5. Finishing Knot

diy macrame plant hanger imageGather all the strings at the bottom once you are happy with the rest of your knots. It’s great to have someone hold the plant pot for you so you can see how it is positioned within the basket and then make sure the gathering knot at the bottom is tight enough so the pot sits right. To hide the big knot on the bottom of the pot you can take a shorter piece of rope and wrap it around it. This is also exactly what we did at the top of the hanger. It is your choice if you want to keep the strings long at the bottom or cut them, maybe even add some beads. 🙂


diy macrame plant hanger image

It’s totally up to you how creative you want to get with this. You could also work with 6 equal pieces to loop through the top hoop ending up with 12 strings to work with (3 groups of 4) or just two equal pieces leaving you with 4 strings. Find your own unique style.

Have fun and please share your project with us. If you put it on Instagram please use the hashtag #wildenDIY. Happy crafting!