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A Journey of Community, Nature, and Progress

As Wilden marks its 20th anniversary, we find ourselves celebrating not only a community but also a beautiful testament to sustainable living and harmonious coexistence with nature. 

Everyone who lives in the Okanagan Valley will agree that it is a privilege. Lake, farmland, forest, rocky mountains, wilderness – it all flows together in soft lines and amazing colours. From up in Wilden, you not only oversee this majestic natural beauty, you are immersed in it. Over half of the master-planned community’s roughly 1,400 acres are dedicated to parkland, trails and wildlife. Wilden has flourished over the past two decades into a vibrant Neighbourhood that sets the benchmark for visionary urban planning, environmental stewardship, and fostering a strong sense of community.

On July 16, the community gathered to commemorate a significant milestone – Wilden’s first lot contract, signed on the exact same date in 2003. This event brought together residents, businesses, and local partners to celebrate two decades of growth, progress, and shared achievements. A heartfelt thanks to our cherished local business partners who helped to make this event a huge success; Big Fat Lion Bakeshop, Farming Karma and Salt and Wedge in addition to the entire Wilden team & community.

Let’s take a closer look at the incredible vision of Gerhard Blenk’s Wilden as it continues to inspire and uplift the lives of its residents.

When a piece of land north of downtown Kelowna became available to purchase in the mid 90s, Gerhard and his family, who loved the Okanagan Valley, did not hesitate. Over the course of five years they assembled, piece by piece, what would later become Wilden. It is a challenging topography to develop, but the Wilden founder and his team did not rest until there was a master plan in place that satisfied their vision.

From the outset, Gerhard’s focus for Wilden was about preserving the natural features of the area while providing a sustainable living environment. The community’s design integrated the existing landscapes, incorporating green spaces, parks, and walking trails, just like his beloved home in the Southern German alpine rim. By placing an emphasis on sustainable building practices and low-impact development, Wilden minimized its ecological footprint while offering a unique and beautiful living experience.

Wilden’s commitment to environmental conservation is evident in various initiatives. The community has implemented water management systems that protect local watersheds, enhancing the area’s biodiversity. Additionally, Wilden has prioritized forest health and fire safety by cleaning up all wooded areas from fire fuel, thinning out trees and giving healthy trees more space and nutrients to thrive. Before moving into an area for development, Wilden works with a botanist to preserve domestic seeds and plants, grow them off site and use them again for the restoration of land when construction moves out. Throughout its journey, Wilden has embraced innovative technologies to foster sustainable home building, energy efficiency and renewable energies in residential living. 

Over the past two decades, Wilden has flourished into a vibrant and diverse community, attracting residents who share a passion for nature. The sense of belonging among the residents has fostered a strong community spirit, making Wilden not just a place to live but a place to call home. 

Blenk Development Corporation is a family-owned and operated business with roughly 20 employees, developing Wilden slowly and sensitively. A majority of the family and staff also live in Wilden. 

The legacy of Wilden will continue to shine brightly. Its values of sustainability, community, and responsible progress set a benchmark for future developments. Wilden serves as an eco-conscious model for other communities to follow.

Here’s to the next 20 years and beyond!