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Our lifestyle blogger Shanelle has some essential tips to make your Wilden Walks as enjoyable as possible!

One of my possible favourite activities to get into during the spring and summer seasons are long, drawn out walks! Ever since I moved to Kelowna (and Wilden specifically) I am more active than ever; it could have something to do with the perpetual heat that makes my inner Calgary child happy inside. However, with great walking weather comes great responsibility! Whether you’re just looking for some simple cardio with uphill walks, or an excuse to take in the breathtaking views that Upper Canyon, Skylands and Long Ridge have to offer, here are my five secrets to making your Wilden walks astonishingly enjoyable!


You wouldn’t wear a bikini top during a winter walk, so, why would you wear thick cotton clothing that doesn’t breathe on your summer jaunt? The best kind of warm weather walk gear is moisture wicking fabrics, light walking appropriate shoes, and your favourite ball cap to avoid heat stroke!


Got a furry pal that wants to accompany your walk? Make sure you’re prepared for bagging their business. Wilden wants everyone to enjoy the sidewalks and trails, but stepping in doggy doo can make that mission difficult. Remember to be courteous of your neighbours and pick up after Fido if he’s leaving a chocolate surprise in the middle of everyone’s walking path.


Choosing to walk certain times of the day can help keep sun stroke at bay, especially if you’re going on a casual stride around Hidden Lake! Typically early morning, or after five is an appropriate time to head out if you are trying to avoid the sweltering heat that bounces off of the lake water. However, if you do go out mid-day, try choosing a walking path with lots of shade and pace yourself accordingly.


For me, the easiest way to make it through a long hot summer walk is to walk in a group! For me, having my fam jam with me to gab away to definitely takes my mind off the fact I’m sweating buckets in the sun. If we ever get too tuckered out half way into our uphill walks along Upper Canyon Drive, we often stop and take in the sights of the valley.

Bonus Secret: If you manage to cozy around the Still Pond and Hidden Lake walking paths, you might just get an exclusive view of Wilden’s coveted gems… the painted turtles! Best turtle watching spots are areas in the lake where you can spot a rouge log, they love to lay out in the sun on there! Look forward to more turtle secrets next month too!


My last and favourite tip? Ice water. This trick works like a charm to beat the heat on long walks! Before walking, fill up a bottle of water half way and freeze it. Then when you take it out fill the rest up without freezing and now you have an ice cold portable drink!

And there you have it! My fool proof guide to having fantastic walks this spring and summer.

Do you have any top walking tips to share with our Wilden residents? Let us know in the comments below. Happy walking everyone!