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Cabinet Trends You’ll See More of in 2022 by Norelco Cabinets

Norelco Cabinets is celebrating 50 years of being in business this year. With their many years of experience we thought we’d get the inside scoop from them to hear what is trending in cabinet designs and styles in 2022.

Sales & Design Consultant, Jen Mellon, shared with us that cabinet trends tend to follow flooring trends. This is because the floor you choose will often determine which cabinets will look great and add contrast to your space.

Read on to explore five cabinet design trends that Jen predicts we will see more of this year.

Here are 5 trends you’ll see more of this year and to get inspired by:

1) Hood Fan Floating Shelf

This look is made up of a single floating shelf on the range or cooktop wall, which will line up and tie in with your hood fan. This floating shelf is different from what we are used to. In the past we’ve usually seen one or more floating shelves tied in with upper cabinets whereas this is a very minimal design and architectural feature on its own. You might use this shelf to show off your personality through accessories, a collection of bowls or make this wall stand out with your backsplash of choice. 

Hill Side Reno – Helm Design Co. – Photographer: Josh Wielinga

2) Slim, Sleek Lines

Jen refers to this trend as looking back at some 50’s and retro designs. The profile on shaker doors is getting more narrow with rails up to 1.5” instead of the 2”-2.5” rails we are used to. This design offers a very clean yet not boring look. Jen believes we will see lots of warm wood tones like walnut combined with white.

The trend is also going towards slim and sleek composite countertops at ¾” thickness opposed to the ‘standard’ 1 ¼”  thick quartz countertop. About a decade ago Jen saw a lot of thick countertops ranging from 2.5-3” and now, she shares, we’re moving in the opposite direction.

Kensington Bianco – Wilden Construction – Photographer: Josh Wielinga

3) No Handles

A no-handle cabinet design is not new but still trending in 2022. This design brings a very modern and minimalistic look to your home. If you love this look Jen likes to remind clients of how the cabinets will be used in your space as no handles might not always be the most functional. You might consider choosing no handles for your upper cabinets and marrying it with minimal and subtle handles on your lowers for your kitchen for example.

Wild Rose Walnut - Authentech Homes – Jennifer Mellon – Photographer: Josh Wielinga

4) GOLD!

Jen is seeing lots of gold cabinetry hardware. However it is not your 80’s shiny brass! The trend is moving towards mixing gold with other metals for a thoughtfully curated look. While gold hardware is becoming a standard within many design trends, there are also many variations of gold coloured metals to choose from. From a traditional yellow gold with warmer tones, as opposed to copper-based alloys, like brass and bronze, gold can transform styles from Traditional to Mid-Century Modern, especially when being mixed with other metals. 

Beachfront Bungalow – Absolute Interior Design

5) Mixing Textures

Combining more finishes and mixing various textures is quite popular and keeps raising the bar in the design word. Instead of using a flat subway tile for a white backsplash Jen now sees a trend towards handmade, textured tiles that will add more shape, shadow and depth.

Beachfront Bungalow – Aboslute Interior Design

Jen openly admits that trends are changing faster nowadays with the use of social media and being able to see into other people’s homes. Although at the same time it also allows us to get inspired more and figure out what we like without having to see it in person, which ultimately allows us to find our unique style and aesthetic we hope to create in our homes to enjoy for years to last.

If you’re building a home or renovating your current one we highly suggest getting in touch with Norelco. Their knowledgeable staff and design consultants will be able to guide your design process so you ultimately choose the right cabinets for you and your space. To get inspired make sure to check out their design portfolio of featured projects here.