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2018 Interior Design Trends

Jodie Gilbert from the Chatham Homes Design Department shares what she sees coming this year:

“I’m personally very excited about what I see trending for 2018 as I’m a huge believer in creating a space that defines individuality and not conformity.

We are seeing more spaces being designed around how people feel, or how they want to feel, and less based on what their neighbours are doing, or what the latest magazines tell them is trending.

With mental wellness being on the top of everyone’s minds these days, living in a space that is warm and inviting is definitely a trend.

I love seeing flexible floor plans which makes for universal living. This allows people to live by design while still adapting homes for all phases of life. We are also seeing a demand for sustainable materials and recycled products, which shows us that home owners are conscious of our environmental impact and want to make a difference.

You can expect to see the outdoors being brought inside with plants and foliage, natural organic materials like wood, and woven materials.

The trend of mixing metals is a blessing, which really gives people the chance to individualize their homes… because anything goes. Mix copper, black, gold , brass, bronze and satin nickel. You’re seeing this mainly in light fixtures, accessories and hardware in kitchen and bathroom.

Bare walls are a thing of the past. Fill your walls with art and colour again, creating a space that shows off your own creativity. We will see a nice pop of colour this year with the jewel tones. Don’t be afraid to use bright purple, blue, green and even yellow to brighten up your space.

Vintage accessories can also be used to add a unique and personal touch. I believe this lets your house tell a story, and truly imbues your home with a sense of individuality.


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I’m a huge fan of using bold patterns on your ceilings or floors to make a room stand out. You can achieve this by using paint, wall paper, bold tiles, shiplap wood paneling and other textured materials. In the main spaces however, a large plank hardwood in light wood tones gives a sense of grounding, peace and warmth.

Bathrooms still have a spa feel to them. You can get this Zen-like feel using large tiles, off white/grey colours, natural stone or quartz counters, and wood cabinets, all of which combine to produce a very clean and relaxing feel.

Lastly the space everyone loves, the kitchen. We are seeing a farmhouse/transitional/contemporary combo. White and gray kitchens still rule, as gray undertones are timeless. Quartz counters continue to evolve and improve, and remain the counter of choice. Maybe try less uppers and let your hood fan be a conversation piece. Differentiate your space with a tile pattern or continue the large plank, light hardwood throughout, creating that farmhouse feel with a contemporary twist. This will inspire wholesome healthy cooking.

Lastly I love that we are seeing custom everything. People are putting a unique stamp on their homes and this is huge step in the right direction.”