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2018 Exterior Design Trends

We asked three of our home designers what they see trending in exterior design for the year of 2018.

It seems like home owners are wanting to invite the outdoors into the comfort of their home by incorporating larger windows and glass sliding doors. Mixing different materials is still trending this year, especially the combination of stucco with natural stone and (stained) wood. Brick is making a comeback and we will see it being more incorporated into the exterior designs of 2018 according to Jeremy Newell and Trevor Beatty.

Jenna and Steven from Uprise Design + Drafting Inc.

“2018 exterior design trends will continue to shift towards contemporary styling with emphasis on materiality and form.  We are seeing a greater acceptability of materials, whether it is industrial/commerical materials incorporated into residential designs, or diversifying the way in which the most commonly used trims and siding are used.  Design forms will appear more modular while roof styles are trending towards combinations of roof types, finding a balance between single sloping shed roofs, modern gabels, hip roofs and flat roofs.  Finally, the connection to the outdoors is a driving priority of our clients.  Bigger windows and larger openings between indoor/outdoor spaces are a must, bringing the outdoors into the comfort of your own home.”

“To me the old arrangement of stained wood, glass, natural stone and stucco is the best combination for most homes looking to achieve an authentic look.”


Traditional Hardie board and shingle products continue to be a trend that was never exiting or authentic in Jeremy’s opinion. Large 4 x 8 format Hardie panels with easy trim reveals are gaining acceptance and can give a low maintenance modern look.


Metal siding products are starting to become more popular (corrugated/panel/and wood look). “Brick is also making a comeback”, says Jeremy.

Trevor Beatty from Jenish House Design

According to Trevor Contemporary and Okanagan Modern is in this year.


Here are some trends summed up for you:
  • Roofs: lower pitch with larger overhangs
  • Brick is back! Giving exteriors cleaner lines than natural stone
  • Glass garage doors
  • Stucco with a dash of natural wood is all the rage.
  • Larger windows and sliding glass doors opening the inside up to the outside.