Sustaining the Eco-System

Wilden’s eco-conscious developer has made significant environmental investments, especially in wetland enhancement. Green wildlife corridors provide a safe passage to Wilden’s deer. The corridors in Wilden are linked to the surrounding green belts, making sure habitats in the Okanagan are connected.

Wilden’s Wetlands

Several ponds in Wilden are a haven for many species of plants, birds and aquatic life. To help facilitate wildlife movement between wetlands, safe underpasses beneath the roads are being incorporated in the development. The Western Painted Turtle can migrate safely across Union Road through a tunnel.

Wildlife Blog

Families living in Wilden enjoy a realm of opportunities to get in touch with nature and observe wildlife. To spark their curiosity and give them more information, writer Flora McLeod shares her knowledge about all the different wild species residing in Wilden on our blog. Every month you can read a new story. Follow WildenKelowna on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop.

Wilden Nature Gallery