Meet the People of Wilden

Some work here, some live here, and some are fortunate enough to do both. Meet team members and residents who shape the Wilden community.

Karin Eger-Blenk Director of Blenk Development Corp. and Wilden Marketing Manager portrait

Karin Eger-Blenk

Director & CEO

Karin moved to Wilden from Germany in 2013 to support the family business.

“I love to spread the word about the well-balanced lifestyle we are offering up here. And I really like to be in direct contact with our residents and potential clients and hear about their needs and expectations.”

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Martin Blenk

Director & CEO

Martin joined the Wilden management team in 2019. Back in the 90s he was involved in developing the Wilden master plan, then pursued a career in marketing and web development in Germany before moving to Kelowna to help manage the family business.

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Wilden Manager of Operations Kirsten Brown portrait image

Kirsten Brown

VP Operations

Kirsten joined the Wilden team in January 2022.

“I first became involved with Wilden when I started working for Edgecombe Builders in 2013 and worked for Edgecombe until I started working directly for Wilden in January 2022. I am the Manager of Operations for Wilden.”

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Cameron Dodd - Wilden Planning & Development Manager portrait

Cameron Dodd

VP Development Planning

Cam joined the Wilden team in June 2016. He has a fairly diverse working background with focus on construction project management consulting.

“My work at Wilden allows me to combine technical and creative aspects with foresight for future development while upholding the special natural setting.”

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Wilden Project Coordinator Ryan Wheeler portrait image

Ryan Wheeler

Project Coordinator

Ryan joined the Wilden team in the summer of 2021.

Russ Foster CEO of Blenk Development and Project Manager of Wilden portrait

Russ Foster

Senior Consultant

“I’ve been involved with Wilden from almost the beginning. It’s been over 15 years now going back to the time the overall master plan was being developed….sure doesn’t seem that long ago but we’ve certainly come a long way since then. As Wilden Project Manager, I get to be involved in some way with all aspect of the project. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience so far and I look forward to what the future brings.”

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Ron Van Den Adel Vice President of Wilden Construction Corp. portrait

Ron Van Den Adel

VP Construction

Ron joined the team in 2008 and is also a Wilden resident. He has worked in construction his whole life. Ron has been involved in both commercial and residential construction in the valley.

Joshua Smith Wilden Construction Superintendent portrait

Joshua Smith

Site Superintendent

Josh has been with Wilden since 2014. He is also a Wilden resident.

Josh is responsible for our multi-family projects and overall construction site supervision.

Jennings Spencer portrait image

Jennings Spencer

Assistant Site Superintendent

Brent Couves Wilden Vice President of Sales portrait

Brent Couves

VP Sales Single-Family

Brent helped with the launch of Wilden in 2003. Brent and his wife are living in their third house in Wilden.

“Back in 2003 we opened our Presentation Trailer up on Long Ridge Drive using a Honda generator for power. We had great fun presenting Gerhard’s huge vision! It was at the time, and still is the Largest Master Planned community between Vancouver and Calgary.”

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Lisa Dalcin Wilden Sales Agent

Lisa Dalcin

VP Sales Multi-Family

Lisa used to be a licensed Realtor in town. Since 2013, she has been Brent’s right hand. She helps guide show home visitors and customers through the decision process of building or buying in Wilden. Lisa and her husband bought a spec home in Wilden in 2014.

“The staff is great and it’s nice to work somewhere that is so respected in the community.”

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Johanna Macheledt - Wilden Community Manager

Johanna Macheledt

Event and Social Media Manager

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