The Wilden Living Lab

A Pioneering Research Project

Our goal in Wilden has always been to take a leadership role in sustainability and push the envelope in terms of energy efficient building practices. Incorporating renewable energy sources has been a standard in Wilden from the first house that was built.

Research Project

In this groundbreaking research project Wilden partners with UBC Okanagan, Fortis BC, Okanagan College, AuthenTech Homes and NSERC. Two homes were built side by side, one to meet the current building code and the other one to exceed the building code by including various innovations for higher energy efficiency. Now that families live in both homes, numerous components are being monitored by the UBC research team. Results are shared regularly on, in the Wilden Newsletter and on Facebook.

Energy Investment

What’s the smartest way to invest in energy efficiency in your new home? The Wilden Living Lab research team is collecting data about different components such as construction materials, insulation, windows, heat recovery, appliances, water heater and HVAC systems als well as power generation through solar panels. Our goal is to give you detailed cost-benefit analysis that will help with your decision making.

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