Wilden Fire Safety

Wilden’s fire mitigation work doesn’t only help with preventing wildfires from spreading if they do occur, but also mimics Mother Nature in a controlled way.

Fire Mitigation Videos

We receive many questions about the fire mitigation and controlled burns in Wilden’s back country. We hope watching our videos will answer all of them and more.

Please Obey Our Caution Signs

Multiple signs are put up in Wilden’s backcountry with guidelines to follow while you enjoy our beautiful trails, views & nature. These guidelines are in place to protect Wilden’s private land and prevent wildfires throughout the dry summer months. Please be respectful of all other hikers, mountain biker as well as wildlife so everyone can enjoy our backcountry.

Wilden Fire Mitigation 2020 image
Wilden Fire Mitigation 2020 image

For more information please visit BC FireSmart or call the number below.

Wilden Security Number